Triple your Results, in Half the Time

The 4 Hour AI Workweek

1. You don't care about AI theory or fluff, you care about results.2. You feel overwhelmed by AI but you want to get ahead.3. What you REALLY want is to put AI to work for you.Get smarter, more results, less stress, yes?



You heard already about all these tools, prompts, workflows, automation, prompt engineering bla bla blaIt sounds amazing, sure... but where to even start?You just end up bookmarking the content and never applying it. NEVER seeing the benefits.I know you did this already a few times.



We talked with dozens of high-performers, knowledge workers, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, corporate managers and 9-5 hard workers.And here's what we found out: it's not necessarily the money that helps them sleep at night. It's controlling their time. Working smart.To have the freedom to spend time: with your family, to build your business, to take care of your health, to enjoy life.


"AI skills to pay the bills"

You get practical AI applications and prompts for productivity, marketing, sales, branding, automation, copywriting and more.Skills that every high-performer will benefit from in 2024.Skills and implementation that will save you everyday between 1-4 hours, depending on the work you put in.Skills that will triple your productivity, double your income.IF you take action.


The All in one package

To make sure you get the BEST on the market we are offering:- A premium community with 60+ hours of course content
- A database of 70+ power prompts
- Weekly events and workshops
- 2 expert trainers on AI
- daily discussions, updates and support


Built by 2 experts

Alex Northstar & Lyle Kruger (ex corporate trainers)"In my time teaching at Hyundai Kia, I've watched smart people get lost in boring jobs.But I've also seen how AI can turn that around. It's like moving from long, tiring days to hours where you feel powerful again, in control.At the moment I run an AI Automation Agency." - Lyle"I started my corporate training path together with Google, teaching teams to achieve maximum results with marketing and advertising.I learned about AI and started blending this into my skills to make work smarter and more creative.Talked about chatbots in 2017 (it wasn't cool back then), now I'm an AI Educator and Consultant." - Alex

So let's cut to the point.

If you agree with those points, here's what we built to help you WIN 2024, validated by 1263 students in the last 2 months:

Our best insights, your choice, get results in 1 session.Because we know you have specific needs as a busy professional. 10 Modules (5-8 trainings each).

$169/ 1 time

(50% massive discount on full package or just click on the module you need and buy separately)

- All 80+ trainings, at a 50% discounted price
- Extra updates and trainings
- Free support & community
- Our best AI workflows

Your Questions

Before you BUY

- How will this course save me time?You learn and start leveraging practical AI skills: prompting, workflows, task optimization.
You put AI to work for you. And it works. We experienced between 2-4 hour per day time win.
- Can I learn AI from scratch?Yes, you can. We guide you step by step, making it clear and easy with videos, prompts, explanations. Even if you're new to AI, you'll feel proud as you start using it to improve your work and life.- What if I need help?You're joining a supportive community. Get help from teachers and classmates who care about your success on Skool.- LAST point: Performance GuaranteeWe spent a lot of time and effort building all of this. With material that helped our clients work smarter and faster. And we keep updating stuff to stay on the cutting edge.So here's the deal:If you apply what we teach you (prompt engineering, automation, critical AI thinking, marketing & sales) and you do NOT get in 35 days:- Double productivity & results
- Winning back at least 2 hours per day
- Getting the output of 2 people in 1.
Reach back to us and I will personally issue you a refund. BUT you must apply what you're learning and finish the course.The first step of smart AI automation is human work. Deal?

Changing the work of 1.462 high-performers with smart, practical AI.

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